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Weed killer found in popular breakfast cereals - report
2018-08-16T14:12:28+01:00 - Weed killer chemical glyphosate found in oat-based breakfast products, report says.
The Apple car? Analyst claims it could be on the road by 2025
2018-08-16T12:06:15+01:00 - Speculation surrounding Apple's interest in automobile technology have persisted for years.
Tesla stock price: Is Elon Musk's $420-a-share proposal fair?
2018-08-15T12:24:56+01:00 - Analysts covering Tesla debate if Elon Musk's share proposal is a fair price for the stock, or if the transaction will even materialize.
Why Amazon doesn't worry about its lack of Alexa shoppers
2018-08-13T14:28:07+01:00 - Alexa will continue creeping into consumers' homes for the foreseeable future.
Bayer shares wilt in wake of Monsanto weed killer cancer verdict
2018-08-13T13:38:58+01:00 - San Francisco jury Jury awards $289M to man who blames Roundup for cancer.
Why Elon Musk should take Tesla private
2018-08-11T09:51:07+01:00 - Going private would offer Musk and his team much more control over the company's future vision and daily operations.
Mike Ashley's Sports Direct in last-minute rescue of House of Fraser
2018-08-10T10:55:49+01:00 - In an announcement to the London Stock Exchange, Sports Direct said it has acquired House of Fraser's British stores, the brand and all of the stock in the business
Questions and legal concerns mount over Elon Musk's bombshell Tesla buyout tweet
2018-08-09T09:39:19+01:00 - The murkiness of the $72 billion financing could turn into a legal mine field for Musk and Tesla.
Tinder feeling the love as user growth beats expectation
2018-08-08T18:37:54+01:00 - Tinder parent company Match Group saw a rise in share prices after a better-than-expected quarterly earnings report.
Financial fruit: Apple becomes 1st trillion-dollar company
2018-08-02T17:37:16+01:00 - Apple's stylish, must-have technology has redefined society since two mavericks named Steve started the company 42 years ago.
Asia's ride-hailing service Grab raises another $1 billion
2018-08-02T13:31:38+01:00 - Grab, popular in Southeast Asia, acquired Uber's regional business in March, reducing competition.
Tesla earnings highlight rapid Model 3 production ramp-up
2018-08-02T13:00:12+01:00 - Losses mount yet again. But improving margins offer a preview of a better second half of 2018.
China not tempted by Google's censored search engine
2018-08-02T12:27:14+01:00 - Chinese state-run media outlet said the world's most populous country had no plans to allow for a return of the Alphabet company.
Volkswagen sees record sales but warns on protectionism
2018-08-01T09:36:08+01:00 - The German automaker said that profit rose to 3.31 billion ($3.85 billion) euros.
Cheap Chinese smartphones a mixed blessing for Samsung Q2 earnings
2018-07-31T09:53:18+01:00 - Samsung Q2 earnings dragged by weak smartphone sales, chips business remains strong.
The sound of silence: Harley-Davidson rebels with an electric motorcycle
2018-07-30T15:34:12+01:00 - Harley, traditionally beloved my motorcycle enthusiasts for its thunderous engine rumble, will roll out an electric motorcycle called LiveWire in 2019.
Malaysia's MH370 Report: Hijacking still an option
2018-07-30T10:25:40+01:00 - Malaysia released Monday the "final' report into the disappearance of Flight MH370 but failed to bring closure for the families.
Amazon's quarterly profit tops $2 billion for first time
2018-07-27T06:33:34+01:00 - The company is also moving into health care and building up its physical presence as it cements customer loyalty.
Facebook reports slower-than-expected 2Q revenue growth
2018-07-26T08:20:34+01:00 - The company warned it expects revenue growth to decelerate in the next couple of quarters as it promotes new, and for now less profitable, products.
Sergio Marchionne, saviour of Fiat and Chrysler, dies suddenly
2018-07-25T11:41:23+01:00 - Marchionne had shoulder surgery in summer 2018, and the company said last weekend that complications meant he would not be able to return.
Boeing extends its 2018 order lead at the Farnborough Airshow
2018-07-23T17:17:18+01:00 - Airbus has clinched more orders than Boeing in the past five years but the American manufacturer is fighting back in 2018.
Tesla pleads with suppliers for refunds to help it turn a profit - report
2018-07-23T16:52:30+01:00 - Tesla has been burning cash at a rate of about $1 billion a quarter
Jeep boss takes over Fiat as Marchionne era ended by 'unthinkable' illness
2018-07-22T17:59:27+01:00 - FCA didn't give details about Sergio Marchionne's medical condition after surgery three weeks ago
Astronomical merger deals driven by fear of Amazon and Netflix
2018-07-21T10:48:07+01:00 - The spectre of new online rivals, Amazon and Netflix, is driving mega-merger mania in the entertainment sector.
Comcast admits defeat in battle with Disney over 21st Century Fox mega deal
2018-07-19T18:09:54+01:00 - Comcast turns focus to Robert Murdoch's Sky operation in Europe after exiting battle for 21st Century Fox.

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