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Jury says Samsung must pay $539M for copying parts of iPhone
2018-05-25T08:23:28+01:00 - Apple had argued it was owed more than $1 billon while Samsung contended the amount should be only $28 million.
Brakes were not working on self-drive Uber that killed woman
2018-05-24T19:01:33+01:00 - An Arizona woman was killed by the Uber vehicle in the first known pedestrian. death by a self-driving car.
Is the UK already in a care home crisis?
2018-05-24T13:30:04+01:00 - Care homes are struggling nationwide due to council fee income reductions and increased wage costs.
Sony invests in image sensors, acquires more of EMI Music
2018-05-22T06:52:39+01:00 - Sony already owns 30 percent of EMI, so once the deal is finalized, it will own 90 percent of the company.
New York workers could get right to ignore bosses emails and phone calls
2018-05-18T17:21:57+01:00 - "Right to disconnect" bill sponsored by New York City councilman wants to fine employers $250 who require staff to answer calls and emails after hours.
Waiter, waiter! There's a CEO in the soup
2018-05-18T14:00:48+01:00 - Campbell Soup CEO Denise Morrison abruptly replaced.
Work in the digital age: Why remote teams can still be disunited
2018-05-18T13:34:51+01:00 - Companies need the right mix of office space, flexible work policies, multi-site connectivity, training and technology.
Carillion collapse: 'Directors too busy stuffing their mouths with gold'
2018-05-16T12:25:10+01:00 - MPs blame financial immolation of construction giant on greedy, reckless bosses.
Uber shifts policy for alleged sexual assault cases in bid to purge sleazy image
2018-05-15T17:41:45+01:00 - A CNN investigation uncovered more than 100 sexual assault accusations against Uber drivers.
Facebook purges 200 rogue apps as data scandal grows
2018-05-14T15:31:03+01:00 - Facebook suspends apps pending 'thorough investigation' following the Cambridge Analytica revelations
Brexit-backing fracking tycoon Jim Ratcliffe becomes Britain's richest man
2018-05-13T14:40:06+01:00 - Jim Ratcliffe topped the Sunday Times Rich List 2018 with an estimated worth of £21.05bn.
Starbucks makes bathrooms open to non-paying customers following racial firestorm
2018-05-11T15:21:14+01:00 - Coffee shop giant was humiliated after arrest of black man who asked to use the toilet in Philadelphia outlet went viral.
Walmart breaks into India's massive online market with $16bn stake in Flipkart
2018-05-09T15:47:23+01:00 - Flipkart is established more than 800 Indian cities and makes 500,000 deliveries daily.
Ireland: Facebook bans foreign ads as US anti-abortionists plot to influence referendum
2018-05-08T15:03:17+01:00 - Facebook has vowed to improve its transparency after revelations that political consultancy Cambridge Analytica harvested users' data.
'We're not slaves': Korean Air pilots protest abuse by elite founding family
2018-05-05T15:15:00+01:00 - Protests by employees of a "chaebol," the family-controlled big businesses that dominate the South Korean economy, are rare.
Spotify's 1st report as public company flops on Wall Street
2018-05-03T07:01:02+01:00 - The stock hit a new high of $171.23 Wednesday before backtracking slightly and then tumbled by more than 11 percent in extended trading after the results were released.
Data firm at center of Facebook privacy scandal will close
2018-05-03T06:56:03+01:00 - Cambridge Analytica said it has filed papers to begin insolvency proceedings in the U.K. and will seek bankruptcy protection in a federal court in New York.
Iconic guitar maker Gibson seeks bankruptcy protection
2018-05-02T07:34:33+01:00 - A pre-negotiated reorganization plan filed Tuesday will allow Gibson Brands Inc. to continue operations with $135 million in financing from lenders.
Nike's #MeToo moment leads to exit of executives in a flash
2018-05-01T17:58:27+01:00 - Women at Nike, fed up with the status quo, recently undertook a covert survey asking about sexual harassment and gender discrimination.
Spotlight on spoiled children of South Korea's financial elite
2018-05-01T17:10:20+01:00 - Korean Air heiress apologises before police questioning.
Sainsbury's boss Mike Coupe caught singing 'We're in the Money' made £500,000 on Asda takeover news
2018-05-01T10:58:39+01:00 - The CEO of British supermarket chain Sainsbury's has apologised after hot microphone singing.
McDonald's turns up heat on sales and cooks up strong profits
2018-04-30T17:20:28+01:00 - Shares in the world's biggest fast food chain by revenue rose nearly 5 percent.
Sainsbury's and Asda merger a 'game changer' for UK grocery market
2018-04-30T11:16:01+01:00 - Sainsbury's promises 10 percent price cuts as its shares surge as the market open.
Major shake-up in UK grocery retailing as Sainsbury's and Asda plot 'epic' merger
2018-04-28T16:21:53+01:00 - Shock move would create the UK's largest supermarket chain with a 31% market share.
Microsoft Windows adapts as its business importance declines
2018-04-27T06:13:34+01:00 - The company reported its financial results Thursday, and both its revenue and profits for the January-March quarter beat Wall Street forecasts.

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